Pope Francis Coming to Philadelphia in 2015

Time’s Person of the Year will attend the next World Meeting of Families, Vatican sources said.

Written by Alison Smith

Pope Francis is coming to town.

The pontiff will travel to Philadelphia in September 2015, the National Catholic Reporter says, citing Vatican sources.

The reason for the visit from Time’s Person of the Year? Philadelphia was picked as the site of the next World Meeting of Families by Pope Benedict XVI, CBS said. Benedict at the time said he planned to be at the meeting, CBS said, but because popes don’t always attend, Francis’ participation wasn’t seen as a sure thing.

Francis may be planning to make the most of his trip back across the Atlantic. Because the United Nations meets in New York City in September, The Huffington Post said, many are speculating that Francis also plans to address that group.

The National Catholic Reporter cautioned that because the meeting is some 20 months away, the Pope’s schedule could change.

Assuming he does make the journey, this would be Francis’ first visit to the United States.

Are you excited that the Pope will likely be coming to town? Let us know in the comments below!


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