Yogurt Chain to Replace Shuttered Maxx's

The burger joint closed this fall, but will soon be replaced by YogoMix, a frozen yogurt chain with shops in NJ and PA.

Maxx's Burgers has closed, but a new business is set to take its place early next year.

Developer Joe Ventresca, who owns the property at 37 E. Main St. where Maxx’s had operated, said the burgers, shakes and ice cream joint closed in late September or early October, less than six months .

Ventresca said sagging sales ultimately did Maxx’s in. Contact information for Maxx’s owner could not be found as of press time.

Fortunately, Ventresca said he already has a new tenant ready to take Maxx’s place: YogoMix Frozen Yogurt.

The self-serve, nonfat yogurt shop has opened two locations already in Hamilton, NJ, and Yardley, PA, earlier this year (and are planning to open another shop in Hamilton soon). Co-owner Carlo Pugliese said he and his business partners planned all along to open a third location and Moorestown seemed like the perfect spot.

“It’s a nice location, nice town, beautiful Main Street,” said Pugliese, mentioning that the owners of , which is just next door to Maxx’s, are good friends and had recommended Moorestown.

Pugliese said YogoMix serves 10 flavors of frozen yogurt, with 40-45 different toppings. YogoMix’s main selling point—besides its nutritional value (90-110 calories, vitamin C fortified, according to their website)—is the level of control it gives its customers over the product. A statement on the website reads, “At YogoMix, there is no asking for a specific size or quantity, or even ingredients for your frozen yogurt. As a matter of fact, there is no asking involved at all. At YogoMix, you control what you want and how much you want. With our self serve machines and never ending toppings bar, you make your own creation.”

Pugliese said the business is aiming for an early April opening, maybe even a little sooner. Once open, YogoMix will stay open year-round.

Prior to Maxx’s, 37 East Main had been home to ice cream parlor Nelly Bly’s, an antique store before that, and an eyeglass retailer before that, Ventresca said.

He’s had four tenants in the building in the last four years, he said. “I’m looking for somebody that has the roots to make it last.”

Gustav Mahler December 29, 2011 at 05:46 PM
yeah main street pub....now that would be cool....but the law stipulates, unfairly, and selfishly that only the moorestown mall fine dinning restaurantes are permitted to serve alcoholic bevarages. so unjust and perhaps even unconstitutional.
Ants marching December 29, 2011 at 09:31 PM
Probably you may have something there Gusty. Actually, you would of thought that the "mall fans" would have rezoned the mall property as a "liquor zone" and the only booze establishments can be in that zone only. But this past vote isn't quite solid. Why can't other commercials sites with the similar zone have booze too? Hmm, we can only wonder what door is still open for that?
jmz December 30, 2011 at 11:56 AM
Let is rest. The election is over and you lost. Move on if you can walk and get over it.’
Boozer offical December 30, 2011 at 12:25 PM
Ok turf toe, I guess you were beig humorus on that one. As for one who wants to be the new liquor board in town, I'd think you know that most spots on main st would be disallowed . But jmz may need to lighten up, just explain to people like turf the reason why. Cheer to new years! Who knows, what frinking establishment will be open for the first new years party, next year?
Bozo the clown December 30, 2011 at 05:28 PM
So it sounds like people can apply for the new liquor board in moorestown? Huh boozer? Has council decided that already? Ok if so, then I'll sign up for secretary. Would I be making more than towncouncilmembers? Does anyone have info on this?


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