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I had Horrible experience w dr. Lori! I had a sick cat that my non mobile vet and I decided to have dr. Lori come check him out at house and run bloodwork tests so he would not be stressed by car ride. She arrived 3 hours late w no phone call. She promised test results would be back the next day bc my cat obviously needed all of his medications adjusted accordingly. Well, i called her office twice a day for 3 days straight. Finally on the forth day but only after my vet calling and my husbands harsh message on her machine, we got a phone call but not all the results needed bc she didn't get enough blood. Tests had to be re- done but I could not get a commitment from her as to when. My beloved cat died the following week. I never heard from dr. Lori again. Animal lovers stay away from dr. Loris services.


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