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'Incredible' Amount of Interest in Municipal Complex Project

The township pushed back the due date for bids by a week after nearly 30 contractors purchased plans for the project.

After experiencing an unusually high level of interest from contractors, the township has pushed back the due date for bids for the municipal complex project.

Architect Rick Ragan told township council Monday that 28 contractors and subcontractors had purchased the project plans.

“It’s an incredible amount,” he said, and, as a result, he anticipated there would be a plethora of questions.

“The contracting community tends to look at project plans three weeks before (the due date), and inundate you with questions one week before,” he said, only half-joking.

The multitude of questions resulted in a series of minor tweaks to the project—including revisions to the site plan, since the existing library is not being demolished, and requests for alternatives to rapid impact compaction at the site of the new complex—but nothing significant.

“In light of the number of people bidding, the number of questions is not necessarily exhaustive,” Ragan said.

As a result of the number of bidders and the subsequent alterations, the due date was pushed back from last Wednesday to this Wednesday (Oct. 24).

However, the adjusted timeline will not affect council’s ability to award a contract at its Oct. 29 meeting, according to township manager Scott Carew, nor will it affect the commencement of construction.

Moorestown Change Needed October 22, 2012 at 12:29 AM
This process has been going on for over 4 years and now we are at a point 2 weeks before the election and 28 bids are going to be opened on October 24th and thoroughly reviewed in 5 days so that Republicans can say they miraculously awarded bids before the election. It took the Republicans 4 years and 4 million dollars of professional fees (many to firms owned by Republican campaign contributors) to come up with an incomplete plan that does not include a court room nor does it include plans for a police station. However, it includes moving the library to this new building and does not include any plans for the soon to be empty library building. Thus, come Wednesday, October 24th, we are going to be in one of the following two situations: 1. A low bid that is under budget that will get us an incomplete plan. 2. A low bid that is over budget and Council will then need to go back to the $4 million planners to come up with another plan. Either way the taxpayers will have to foot the bill. Moorestown needs change. Vote Democrat for Newcomer, Hines and Sattinger
Resident October 22, 2012 at 02:09 AM
Whew, this democrat seems so negative, perhaps desperate? We had a great day in moorestown, fun time at the candidates rally, fun time at the Halloween parade. And then look at patch tonight and see here a negative spat from a apparent democrat operative for the town council race? This does not show well for democrat candidates. After today's republican rally, I know it finalized others to vote their way. Thanks Republican Club for the event , great Job Mr Garwood, Victoria, and mr palko.
Skippy October 22, 2012 at 01:25 PM
I agree with "resident" that the democrats running town council campaign do sound desperate. They seem to be trying anything to see if it will stick. But yet, their tactics don't seem to be gaining much traction. I'm glad you had a good day, whether the candidates rally or Halloween parade. Good to hear positive comments.
Tom October 22, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Multitude of questions and nothing significant........those statements are at odds with one another. Lots of questions portend a bad outcome but hey who cares right, the politicians wanted a shiny new building for themselves. I still cannot understand how in this day and age with all of this anti tax rhetoric, our government is building a government building for government employees and asking taxpayers to pay for it. Not very Republican


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