Photos: Moorestown Pays Tribute on Memorial Day

Moorestonians turn out to remember the true meaning of the holiday.

Hundreds of Moorestonians crowded on the grass at  Monday to mark the holiday as .

Councilwoman Stacey Jordan welcomed the crowd to the township's 26th annual Memorial Day ceremony and thanked them for turning out to pay tribute to the fallen servicemen and -women who have given their lives for America's freedom.

"If I can leave you with anything," she said, "when you see a serviceman or servicewoman in the grocery store, or walking down the street, thank them."

Gold Star Mother Judith Young, mother of the late Jeffrey Young—who was killed in action in Lebanon and subsequently had —read the lyrics to "More Than a Name on the Wall," by the Statler Brothers. The end of the song goes:

And she said, Lord my boy was special, 
and he meant so much to me,
and Oh, I'd love to see him,
But I know it just can't be,
So I thank you for my memories,
and the moments to recall

But Lord could you tell him,
He's more than a name on a wall.

Young also introduced guest speaker Charles Juliana, brother of the late Peter Juliana, a member of the Navy Reserve who, at 23, was "lost in action" during a mission. Peter Juliana was president of the Alumni Association and witnessed the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Charles said.

According to Charles, his mother, Rose, never gave up hope that Peter would be found, even to her dying day.

During the ceremony, as in past years, Young read off the names of every deceased Moorestown soldier whose name is listed on the monument—from World War I up to the late , who was killed in Iraq in 2008—as Girl Scouts placed a flower for each name in a wreath by the monument. 


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