Memorial Field Wall Busted, Mt. Laurel Sex Assault Top News

Also, find out the five most popular restaurants in Moorestown (according to your neighbors) and how a local charity is helping kids get to the prom this year.

Teen Plows Through Memorial Field Wall

Moorestown Police say the driver was OK, but he might have to wait a little longer to get his license.

Mount Laurel Police took a 65-year-old man into custody earlier this week, the day after the alleged assault occurred.

What are the 5 Best Restaurants in Moorestown?

Picky eater? Need help figuring out where to eat this weekend? Based on your neighbors' Yelp! reviews, here are five of the best restaurants in town.

Help MooreKids Give the Gift of Prom

'Now a kid who gets asked and who might not feel like they can say 'Yes,' can say 'Yes.''

Lockheed Lawsuit Decision Likely Imminent

A pair of Moorestown families seek damages against the company, alleging the use of dangerous chemicals contaminated the ground beneath their homes.

Moorestown Library's Throwing a Party

... And everyone's invited. 

Free advice: When police tell you to get out of your car, you should probably do it.

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