Moon Video Makes Mt. Laurel Girl Viral Superstar

Kayla Moffett was on her way back from her mom's house in Cherry Hill when her father captured a video that's since gone viral.

The start of a ride back from her mom’s house in Cherry Hill has made one Mount Laurel toddler an internet superstar. 

Two-year-old Kayla Moffett’s leaps and exclamations of, “The moon!” as captured by her father has gone viral on YouTube, with more than 800,000 views in just four days after blowing up on Reddit, the popular social news website.

The video captures Kayla staring up through the bare branches of a tree at the rising moon, reaching out as she tries to grab it to the amused directions of her father, Dennis Moffett.

“I can’t reach it!” she shouts in the short clip.

It’s an everyday routine for the two of them, Dennis Moffett wrote on Reddit.

“She will go on and on about the moon and not being able to get it whether I ask or not,” he wrote. “I usually just ‘okay’ her until she stops. But this time I played around with her a bit.”

The huge popularity of the video wasn’t something he expected, Dennis Moffett told ABC News in an email.

“This is the first time I’ve recorded it,” he told ABC. “Had no idea it would be a hit on YouTube.”

Commenters on YouTube have suggested there might be a future in Kayla’s excitement over our planet’s lone natural satellite.

“I would just love if this adorable little girl grew up to be an astronaut and walk on the big cheese, knowing she's finally reached it,” wrote commenter Emme Zeta.


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