Moorestown Speaks: Quotes of the Week

We collected some of the more notable quotes from this week's stories, including a candid interview with the new superintendent and a campaign to add a Moorestown sports legends exhibit at the high school.

“I love coming to work. When you are around pretty things, it brightens the day.”

“We’re in deep negotiations with tenants, and we’re as anxious as anybody. We want to be able to announce (what the restaurants are) as much as people want to hear.”

“As a community, we are who we were. This is a heritage (the students) are going to carry on. It’s important to know these stories, so you know where you came from as a community.”

Lenny Wagner, trustee, on his support for a

“I’m not inclined to add burden to the taxpayer … For me, it’s all about, if there’s an incremental tax burden, now’s not the right time for it.”

Councilman Mike Testa, on why he to the

“. I said I would do it when I got old. I guess this means I’m old.”

Jeanette Habina, new owner of

“Both my parents were blue-collar workers. They were big union people. And my father, who never graduated high school—he dropped out of high school because he had to go back to work because his father was killed on the railroad—he was the one who pushed education. ‘That makes a difference. You can change your life with education’ … That’s where it came from. I keep that in the forefront of everything I do, every single day, with kids.”


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