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'She Shows Me What Love is Every Day'

Moorestonians share their love stories ...

Just about everyone has a story behind how they met their spouse—even if it's as boring as, "We sat next to each other in class."

In tribute to Valentine's Day, Moorestown Patch asked several people in town to share their stories and photos of themselves with the loves of their lives.


2012 Doug Sell:

"My wife (Candy) and I were in a golf class at Drexel. It was the last quarter of college for her before she graduated. On the last day of class, she asked me to go horseback riding. We saw each other every day for the next six days. On the sixth day, I asked her to marry me ... I always think it's odd when guys go, 'What were you thinking?' I said, 'She said "yes."' Everything I knew about Candy after six days told me she was the one ... It was in the moment. No premeditation whatsoever ... Don't overthink it. That's my advice."


Greg and Nancy Newcomer:

Greg: "We met at church on Sunday morning at a church coffee of all things. I can still remember seeing the sunlight coming in through her blond hair. That and her smile. She's still got the same smile ... We made arrangements for a date, at which we talked about the (church) newsletter. But we didn't get much done. And we flew a kite ... She shows me what love is every day."
Nancy: "How can I improve on that? ... We also played the piano and sang show tunes."


Mayor John Button:

"I met my wife (Deanna, AKA "Peach") in our church group when we were both in high school in Maplewood. The youth group had a scavenger hunt and she was put on my team. I had no idea who she was. I called her to tell her, and I got off the phone and said to my brothers, 'Man, I've gotta talk to her. She sounds cute.' On the other end, she was going, 'Not that guy.' She had herself taken off my team. She knew somebody I'd dated ... I, of course, went looking for her. I got to know her. We were friends for a year before we started dating, and the rest is history."


2011 Citizen of the Year Dave Schill:

"We (he and his wife, Lynne) met through her older brother at a function he and I were members of. We were in the Sea Cadets ... There was an immediate chemistry. I didn't start dating her right then. I would say it was another four years. I got dumped and asked her out (laughs) ...  I couldn't ask for a better wife."


Councilwoman Stacey Jordan:

"I had a blind date. I was 19. I met him (her husband, Andrew) sophomore year in college. My sister was in high school, dating a good family friend, who was in a fraternity with (Andrew). (My sister's boyfriend) said, 'I've got a friend I'd love to set you up with. You can go to the fraternity formal with him' ... I was going in with the mindset I was going to have a fun time with my sister and friends. It was just a bonus I met him ... We just hit it off. We've been together almost 22 years."


Moorestown Patch columnist Marsia Mason:

"Taylor and I first met at The Second City theatre in Chicago back in the early 80s. We were both working with Paul Sills (one of the original founders of The Compass Players/Second City): Me in Paul’s 'Story Theatre,' Taylor in 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle.' I liked Taylor’s twinkling brown eyes right away, but it wasn’t until we met up again, several years later, that we began to see a future together. We were playing softball for The Second City in the theatre league. After one particularly grueling loss (and there were many), I asked him to go to a Cubs-Phillies game at Wrigley Field. Taylor was a Cubbies fan through and through, so of course, he said yes. I don’t remember who won the game. It was a glorious, beery day that morphed into an improvised barbeque, then continued into the evening as we dangled our feet in Lake Michigan. Twenty-eight years later, he still loves the Cubs and he still loves me! I am a very lucky woman!"


Mark Morgan, artistic director of Moorestown Theater Company:

"We (he and wife Carol Ann) were both working as fundraisers at Temple University at the time. I was raising money for the athletic department. She was raising money for the law school ... I think we had met like once, and she came to see a show (The Music Man) a friend of her's was in in Narberth, PA, and I was in it too. And she was like, 'I'm here to see this guy (her friend), but I think I work with that guy.' Ironically enough, as fate would have it, the next day was one of our staff meetings ... She said, 'The Music Man is my favorite show.' Eventually we wound up going out and getting married. The epilogue to it is then I proposed to her onstage during a production of Oklahoma! ... I used the lines from the show: 'Please ma'am, marry me. I don't know what I'm gonna do if'n you don't.'"

Have an interesting, entertaining, or embarrassing love story of your own? Share it in the comments below or email rob.scott@patch.com and, if you can, include a picture of you and your honey. 


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