Year in Review: Life in Moorestown in 2011

From a miracle plane to a rescued Chilean miner to the liquor referendum, take a look back on life in Moorestown in 2011.

What do potables, patriotism, playgrounds and planes have in common? Each was part of Moorestown living in 2011.

We already brought you the year in news for , and news. Now it’s time to recap “the rest,” the news that doesn’t neatly fit into any one category but, when added together, paints a picture of the year in Moorestown life in 2011.

You knew it was coming first: 2011 was the year of liquor in Moorestown. Specifically, should the town bring to an end its century-plus of dryness to allow liquor sales? Voters ultimately , but raged in the of many Patch stories. We covered it all, from the petition to the to the to the promise of a at Moorestown Mall and the election . will stretch as the town sets and Moorestown will learn which restaurants will open at the mall.

Although the liquor license debate dominated much of the second half of 2011, believe it or not, there was plenty of other news going around. Remember when the plane drove through town? Remember when it ?

Spring 2011 saw the final push to rebuild Fullerton Memorial Park—. The community effort resulted in a great for Moorestown kids.

This year also saw the return of an old Moorestown tradition, the . After a several-years absence, the community , raising the money needed for Moorestonians to strut down Main Street in .

Other residents worked to ensure another piece of Moorestown history doesn’t fade away. and in need of rehab, the is at the center of a that continues into 2012.

Also topping Moorestown news in 2011, rescued Chilean miner , a was discovered in the trunk of his car, the Main Street while the town’s McDonald’s was and , Villa Avenue residents to a transitional home, a community effort helped a , a Moorestown made a splash, Garden Club members pitched a , a store clerk was the mall prepared for a , Virtua on its new health center in Moorestown and the town celebrated the annual . Plus, don't forget about and that crazy .

What’s the one story you think defines life in Moorestown in 2011? Did we leave out your favorite? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to vote about what you like and don’t like about . 

Ants marching December 29, 2011 at 06:01 PM
Anyone have predictions for 2012? How about these 2012 elections , winners, losers, surprises? Does the kids initiative get passed? Do the schools get the turf field? Does council decrease taxes ? Thoughts?
Lauren Burgoon December 29, 2011 at 07:46 PM
We forgot the Roots of Moorestown Nipper! He was dognapped in February (http://patch.com/A-fhfF) and quickly recovered -- discarded in the woods, but no worse for wear (http://patch.com/A-fkD6).


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