Democrats Edmond George and Elizabeth Endres to Run for Open Council Seats

George has served on the Moorestown Economic Development Advisory Committee and Endres was involved in the fight against the pay-to-play proposition.

Edmond George (Photo provided by the Moorestown Democratic Committee)
Edmond George (Photo provided by the Moorestown Democratic Committee)
Four candidates have now announced their bids for November’s municipal elections.

The Moorestown Democratic Committee unanimously selected Edmond M. George and Elizabeth A. Endres as candidates for township council, Committee Chairman Bob Gorman announced on Wednesday.

They will oppose incumbent Deputy Mayor Stacey Jordan and Manuel Delgado in November’s elections, previously selected by the Republican Committee.

Mayor Chris Chiacchio will not run for re-election.

George has served on the Moorestown Economic Development Advisory Committee.

“His experience reorganizing businesses and restructuring debt is an asset our town needs,” Gorman said.

“Politics should be about the town’s best interests, not some stubborn adherence to national party positions, which really have no place in local politics,” George said. “I am running for Council with a strong belief I can improve Moorestown for the benefit of every citizen and I will start by looking critically at the long standing issues in town which seem to be beyond solving by our current council.  I look forward to working with the citizens of Moorestown in bringing financial stability back to Moorestown.”

Endres and her husband worked together to create the Moorestown Save Open Space group and she was part of the effort to stop the pay-to-play proposal.

“Her leadership role in the anti-pay-to-play petition drive showed that she is willing to stand up against machine politics and stand with the residents appalled by Council’s actions on this matter,” Gorman said.

“I look forward to working with Ed George and the Moorestown Council in a bipartisan fashion to make Moorestown an even better place,” Endres said. “There are numerous fiscal challenges ahead. Council needs to focus on economic development and consider alternate revenues to lessen the tax load on Moorestown taxpayers.”

The primary for this year's elections will be held June 3. The general election is Nov. 4.

Mayor Cha Chi April 04, 2014 at 08:30 AM
@ NObama last time I looked I receive one tax bill not two. I am aware that they are separate but both obviously need some help in decision making. Since you are so knowledgeable can you enlighten me on how much of the liquor license money that the Republicans said they wouldn't touch is left in bank? How did that work out for us?
sanlazarro12173 April 04, 2014 at 09:44 AM
Mayor chi maybe you can find out under the public works restructuring why we have 3 utility departments. That would mean 3 supervisors plus a utilities director. Let's streamline that nonsense. 4 high paid supervisory individuals? We need more police and good teachers Lets see some figures and some explanations. Maybe change to an Mua?
Bella Pelosi April 04, 2014 at 01:15 PM
NoBama do you support higher taxes for town hall but not paying employees a decent wage?


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