Letter: Let's Treat the Earth Well—We Don't Have Another

Moorestown resident Monique Begg writes that Sandy is further evidence of climate change—and proof that we need to change the way we treat the environment.

“We treat this world of ours as though we had a spare in the trunk.”

This quotation came out of a fortune cookie I ate at a Moorestown restaurant this past Sunday, hours before New Jersey began to feel the monstrous impact of Tropical Storm Sandy.   

I read it silently, then read it out loud to my husband, as we both wondered: What would tomorrow be like? And how about the tomorrows beyond tomorrow? We thought of the death toll, the suffering, the days without power, the hours of anguish that would follow the destruction of private property, the damage to the economy ...

We asked ourselves: What will it take for our nation to realize we must treat the Earth kindly, for indeed we don’t have a spare?  

We, as a people, must do whatever we can to reverse the damage we’ve done, and we must insist that government at all levels initiate and implement Earth-friendly policies.  

To deny that global warning and climate change are scientific realities is to court disaster. Sandy settled that argument. 

Monique Begg

Pete November 01, 2012 at 04:15 AM
I didn’t know we had a climatologist in our midst….. Actually, we don’t - must be an Al Gore devotee. Take some time and study the earth’s temperature over the past half million years and you will find cyclic variations in the temperature every 100 to 125 thousand years. We are now 125,000 years since the last peak in earth temperature, and we are still 3-5 deg F from the average peak. Must have been those darn cave men burning those campfires 125,000 and 250,000 years ago that caused that peak in earth temperature. Did you ever hear of “Snowball Earth”? Check out the theory and writings of geologist Paul Hoffman - must be those darn cave men again…… Stop, there were no cavemen 2.5 Billion years ago. Hmmm, this is a dilemma. Monique, what say you about that?


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