Letter: Poop Problem at Parks Stinks

A Moorestown resident has a simple, but stern, message for dog walkers at township parks: Clean up after your pooches.

To the editor:

Let me start this by saying I am not a dog hater. I am, however, a dog poop hater. I hate having to step around it at and . I hate picking it up from the fields before the kids play sports, and I really hate washing it off of my daughter’s cleats after soccer practice.  

I am sure many Patch readers that let their dogs run at Memorial, Pryor Park and are screaming “not me.” I am also sure many readers are responsible, courteous owners and pick up after their dogs. But somebody isn’t and it is out of control.

It is embarrassing when people from other towns come to the fields and you have to guide them through the poop-laden grass and warn them about where to step. It is a disgrace that our dedicated coaches have to arrive to practices and games early to clean the fields.

I would like to ask our local police to start going to Memorial, Pryor and Wesley Bishop and fining people who do not clean up after their dogs. Maybe then, word would get out that the fields are not big giant green toilets for dogs. From the look of Memorial Field the other night, the fines could be a substantial source of funds for the new town hall.  

I would also like to ask the responsible pet owners to speak up when they see people not cleaning up the mess made by their dogs. The responsible owners really have the most to lose if this situation isn’t brought under control, because the next step is investigating what actions are necessary to seek a ban on dogs from the parks. I know other towns have done this in response to the problem of people not cleaning up after their pets.  

It is a simple lesson, taught to young children: Clean up your mess. Your dog, your mess, clean it up.  

Sue Bielawski
Moorestown, NJ


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Marsia Mason August 30, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Sue, You are absolutely correct! I have been cleaning up after other people's dogs on Memorial Field for years. I hate it, but I do it. I also clean up after athletic practices,games and beer parties. People should bring plastic bags with them and clean up whatever, regardless of whose mess it is. There are always going to be irresponsible people, unfortunately.
Joe August 30, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Aren't there laws about walking dogs on the fields ?
Townie August 30, 2012 at 08:04 PM


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