Spend a Little, Help a Lot

The Interact Club's Soup for the Soul fundraiser is an example of how Moorestonians—and others—are living civilly.

Many Patch readers may have heard of the Interact Club and its annual event, . This was my family’s second year attending the event and I noticed a couple of things.

It’s not just a cool event to attend and be involved in, but it really made me consider what the event is about. It’s not just about eating delicious soup and chatting with the folks there—it’s about how each person who participated helped someone less fortunate. Here is why I think Soup for the Soul was such a great thing to participate in and how everyone involved is “living civilly.”

Soup for the Soul raises money for the Food Bank of South Jersey, which is located in Pennsauken, and helps a lot of people. Each person who participated in this event helped raise money for this important organization. From the individual people and the restaurants that provided the soup and bread and desserts, to the people who bought tickets and came to eat, Soup for the Soul had a lot of support.

Some people may shrug their shoulders and say, “What’s the big deal? It’s only $9 for a ticket. How can that $9 help anyone?” But if you think about it, by thinking “every little bit helps,” that makes it different. If each person does one little thing to help, that could inspire great ideas.

Every penny raised from the event was sent to the Food Bank of South Jersey. Every penny puts food on the shelves in the Food Bank. Every piece of food on the shelves is one less item needy families have to purchase. Every penny saved on food can be put toward an electric bill or rent or medicine.

This may not occur to many of us who are fortunate enough to not have to make these decisions. But there are many people who do have to choose—they have to choose between putting food on the table and paying their bills. So events like Soup for the Soul help people not have to make that choice.

I was very happy to see many of my classmates and families I know at the event. It really made me realize how each person can help by just doing one little thing. I hope it gives a broader perspective on how something small, like buying one bowl of soup at a fundraiser, can have a bigger impact than it seems and can change so many things.

So this month, Live Civilly applauds the Moorestown High School Interact Club and its event Soup for the Soul. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped to make a difference and who chooses to “live civilly.”

- Written by live civilly co-founder Anna Buss, 12


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