What's Your Opinion on Allowing Liquor Sales in Moorestown?

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A ballot question asking voters to approve liquor sales in Moorestown is likely to appear on the November ballot. Four years ago, township voters soundly rejected a similar proposal. Since the current proposal came to light, there's been plenty of debate; some say the town should remain dry so it doesn't lose its character, while others think allowing the sale of alcohol will give the township a financial boost in tough economic times. 

AMS August 03, 2011 at 06:57 PM
I think our town needs to really address the already growing problem on "Main Street" before we considering adding another substance to our town !
Ginger Hayes August 03, 2011 at 08:51 PM
Funny thing is that there are more basement bars and wine cellars in this town then any where around...
AMS August 04, 2011 at 05:14 PM
@ Ginger, I agree and after living here for so long, there are alot of children that have unlimited, unsupervised access to these, we dont need a store front for the liquor or drugs that kids can already get from home or up town !!
raise you glass August 05, 2011 at 12:25 AM
No, liquor licenses would not bring an "economic boost" to Moorestown! Perhaps a little "shot" in the arm, but nothing worth talking about. Sounds like a slick way to try to convince people during a severe recession that liquor will save us. Wow! The people spoke No in 2007 but a 2-1 margin and the local restauranteurs don't want it either.
Mara Jacobs August 05, 2011 at 01:51 PM
This is all about trying to save a dying part of Moorestown - the Moorestown Mall and the surrounding area! Are we willing to see the mall boarded up becuase it can not compete with it's sister mall in Cherry HIll? Are we willing to become a boarded up town with no commercial businesses? I am not willing and the liquor referendum or town council adoption is exactly the "economic boost" Moorestown needs! Vote YES!!!
Front Desk August 05, 2011 at 07:05 PM
That sounds desperate! I think we need to look out for Moorestown first, right? The taxes on this ratable will be paid regardless who owns the mall. A establishment like an applebees will not save anything, the mall gets another tenant. What's the real objective here? Stop thinking we need to pass "need" to pass a monumental liquor law to save anything. Our wonderful will get very little from booze.


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