Who Doesn't Love a Bargain?

Join our columnist as she helps navigate through holiday shopping madness at the Moorestown Mall.

Happy shopping everyone! This is the first year EVER I didn’t have my shopping done by the end of November. I’ve been a bit distracted by superstorms, aortic calcifications and Fiscal Cliff—whoever he is—but I am now ready to wade into the fray and tackle anyone who stands between me and a good bargain or a great steak.

In other words, I’ve got my shopping on. Tonight, it’s you and me, Boscov’s. Who doesn’t love a good bargain? If you can’t find gifts here for most of the people on your list, you need to come with me. I know how to dig and find gems. On several shopping forays, I have found great pet items upstairs by the candy department. Bone-shaped mats for sloppy eaters ($2!) are wedged under plush-like pillows for fluffy lap pups, so you’ll have to dig a bit. If your pooch doesn’t mind being styled, there are some groovy antlers and some nice red sweaters for Man’s Best Friend. They also have some really cool dog collars for three bucks. Buy one for you and your dog!

Right across the aisle from pet town is the old-fashioned candy counter. They have a great variety, from boxed Godiva’s to candy necklaces, bubble gum cigars, licorice and wax lips. You may also opt to choose a pound of assorted chocolates, graciously boxed for you by the candy lady in the pink smock. It’s a paradise, I tell you.  

Over in housewares, things are always on sale—this is Boscov’s, after all. I have found many interesting orphaned objects over here. One large ramekin that had been part of a set. A lone mug, no longer mugging. There are other gifty things over there that can be filled with other nifty things. Last week, there was a cool kettle for $9, lots of good colors. Who doesn’t need a cheerful kettle? Fill it with cute dishtowels or exotic teas and some good honey. Or money.

When I wander into Boscov’s “as seen on TV” auditorium, I am a goner. I know I can find extreme quirkiness here. And for the folks who have everything anyway, why not make your gift playful, like a goody bag for adults? Buy an inexpensive serving dish, orphaned storage container or Santa-shaped platter, and then load on goodies from the heavenly candy kiosk. Finish off the gift with some cellophane and ribbon from the gift-wrap area. Better yet, take advantage of Boscov’s free gift-wrapping service! I am NOT like Candy Spelling, with my own room for gift-wrapping, so any time I can coerce someone into doing my wrapping (not rapping), I’m happy. 

When I was prowling about, I saw an end-cap display of smartphone-friendly gloves for a ridiculously low price. I bought two hundred pairs. These are especially handy for teens and young adults who will lose the $88 cashmere pair you considered buying from Bloomie’s this week. Get the cheap gloves and when they get lost after a week, who cares? The kids will be back at school by that time and you’ll be off the hook. 

Filed in the “must-have” category is the mitt with a built-in ice scraper, of which Boscov’s has plenty. The mitt is so stylish it should not just be relegated to the trunk of one’s car. At this price ($8.99), make a fashion statement and wear one on each hand, all over town. Let’s see if we can get a trend started, or at least suggest to town council that the festive mitts be part of Moorestown’s Main Street decorations next year. Nothing reeks of class like giant mitt/ice scrapers. Maple Shade will be so jealous!

Speaking of trends, someone on your gift list need a Ped Egg very badly? What exactly IS a Ped Egg? Is it edible? Is it egg-able? Probably not, but you might know someone who has complained bitterly of calloused feet. Won’t they be delighted to receive a Ped Egg on Christmas morning? They’re so inexpensive and so puzzling! Why not buy an even dozen, put them in an egg carton from Wegmans (green, recycled cardboard—just right for the holidays!), wrap them in a gorgeous bow and give them to a friend with scaly feet?

Let’s mosey on downstairs for some more foot-related fun. When I was trolling for gifts, I chanced upon a “special sale” where slippers were a fluffy four bucks. Okay, so they weren’t shearling, but how often does a busy person get to slip into their slippers anyway? I saw only women’s slippers and most of them were some variation of homely or pink, but they did have large and extra large sizes. So if your husband is secure in his masculinity, he might enjoy a few turns around the house.

No one really wants a major appliance for Christmas, which is a good thing because Boscov’s has very few to choose from. Move on. If you’re looking for some new furniture, they have everything from do-it-yourself particleboard cabinets to faux suede sectionals. Boscov’s should have a department called “Recliners-A-Plenty.” Never have I seen so many variations on a theme. A word of caution on buying this kind of easy chair for a loved one: Nothing announces “you’re old” like a recliner. Tread carefully in La-Z-Boy Land, my shopping friend.

Good deals abound at the Big B—everything from socks to clocks to heated smocks. Yes, there is a lot of flotsam to wade through, but if you have “the eye,” you can find everything you need right here in the land of the doorbuster. One disclaimer to all who need a daily reminder about that side of Route 38 on a holiday weekend: STAY AWAY! Unless you like slow-moving traffic and frustration at the cash register, wait to do your shopping when the kids are back in school on Monday.

See you there!

Season ticket holder December 11, 2012 at 12:21 AM
Funny how the writer didn't tell us where she would get her steak? Does anyone have any inside scoop on when these "fine establishments" at the mall will begin construction? What are the other three restaurants that the mall bought liquor licenses for? Are they still negotiating? Are they still trying to find buyers? Is the mall "pocketing" the licenses?, are they going to sell the licenses? Other than Osteria "committing" to a $1 million license, we haven't heard a whisper for a year now on what those other three "eateries" will be. Anyone want to catch us up to date?
Rob Scott December 11, 2012 at 02:52 AM
I've reached out to the mall on a couple occasions for more information, but so far they've been relatively mum. My guess is they're still negotiating and they don't want to give out information until they have the rest of the restaurants locked up. As soon as I find out, I'll report it.


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