Clerk Duct Taped, Robbed at Gunpoint at Moorestown 7-Eleven

Police are searching for four men who robbed the store early Friday. They stole $400 from the clerk after an unsuccessful attempt to make off with the ATM.

Four men, at least two of them armed with handguns, walked into the Chester Avenue early Friday, duct taped the clerk and tried to steal the ATM machine.

At approximately 4:02 a.m., two men wearing ski masks, dark hoodies and gloves entered the store and ordered the clerk behind the counter to the freezer at the back of the store at gunpoint, said. The robbers wrapped duct tape around the clerk’s arms and legs and stood with him while two more men, similarly dressed, rolled a hand truck into the store and attempted to steal the ATM.

They failed to steal the machine, police said, instead taking the clerk’s wallet, which had $400 in it.

The suspects left through the back door. No vehicle was seen.

The clerk was able to free himself and call 911, police said. He was not injured.

The suspects are of average height and average build, according to police. No other identifying information is known.

Sgt. Lee Lieber said the last armed robbery he could remember in Moorestown happened in 2006 at the same 7-Eleven.

In that instance, a man entered the store, also wearing a ski mask, and tried to rob the clerk with what was later discovered to be a pellet gun. When the clerk refused, the suspect pulled out a knife and the clerk fled the store, Lieber said.

The suspect grabbed some packs of cigarettes and was arrested just outside after a customer struck him over the head with a bottle and detained him until police arrived.

Police had no further information regarding Friday’s robbery, but planned to release more as the investigation continued.

Anyone with information is urged to call the police tip line at 856-914-3092.

Michael Kurtz October 24, 2011 at 02:50 PM
Wow, I can't believe the 7-11 got robbed in Moorestown. Big city problems and crime is coming to small towns in South Jersey. I am glad the robbers didn't shoot or hurt the clerk in any way.


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