Laurel Springs Duo Charged With Fraud at Moorestown Mall

Jason Nigro, 32, and Heather Teti, 38, were charged by Moorestown Police this week.

Two Laurel Springs residents were charged following the report of several thefts and fraudulent returns by a store in the Moorestown Mall, Moorestown Police announced this week.

On June 28, Lord and Taylor reported several thefts and fraudulent returns.

On July 8, Moorestown Police charged Jason Nigro, 32, of Laurel Springs, with receiving stolen property and theft by deception. 

Nigro was in possession of four pieces of Ralph Lauren women’s clothing valued at $418.65 which were allegedly shoplifted by a co-defendant. He returned the clothing to receive a gift card.  

Two days later, Heather Teti, 38, of Laurel Springs, was charged with three counts of shoplifting and two counts of theft by deception. Items included Ralph Lauren clothing valued at $418.65; Ralph Lauren clothing valued at $346; Ralph Lauren clothing valued at $251.11; and two returns for gift cards. 


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