Council Approves Contract for Air Conditioning Maintenance at Town Hall

An amended contract for Tozour-Trane was approved Monday night.

Work on the new town hall/library complex in Moorestown continued Monday night with the approval of a contract for air conditioning and heating preventative maintenance.

The contract with Tozour-Trane was approved at Moorestown’s council meeting by a vote of 4-0 Monday night. Mayor Chris Chiacchio was absent.

“When it was first presented in June, I asked that we meet and try to get the contractor to sharpen the pencil on details presented,” said Councilman Greg Newcomer, who asked that the item be added to the agenda during the council meeting. “In subsequent meetings, discussions and negotiations with and including the contractor Trane, Township Manager Scott Carew, Architect Rick Reagan and Rob Notley of Greyhawk, this pencil sharpening was achieved.”

Included in the amendments made to the contract:


·      response time was set at two hours;

·      billed travel time was limited to one hour;

·      the mechanic rate was lowered to $115 with $172.50 set aside for overtime;

·      all parts/materials and refrigerant for any work needed is to be billed at a 20 percent discount; and

·      either party has the right to cancel the contract within 30 days written notice.

The contract as proposed called for two rates. There was an “A” rate that called for $123.50 for regular time and $185.25 for overtime and a “B” rate that set forth the guidelines each side eventually agreed to.

The township received the contract on Monday and it needed to be approved by July 1.

“This is something we’ve been discussing for a while,” Deputy Mayor Stacey Jordan said, pointing out that each member of council saw the contract prior to approval.

Tozour-Trane is based out of King of Prussia but has a parts and supply center in Moorestown. The company was established in 1979.

For more information on the company, visit tozourenergy.com.

Bella Pelosi June 24, 2014 at 09:54 PM
According to Deputy Mayor Jordan This is something we’ve been discussing for a while,” Deputy Mayor Stacey Jordan said, pointing out that each member of council saw the contract prior to approval. Yet approving the additional town costs were sprung on them at the last minute and was unacceptable. Which is it? You are actively informed of things and discussing things or clueless? Selective cluelessness? Leading from behind. Tell us how much maintenance is needed for new equipment in a contract that had to be approved before the majority of the building was even open? Follow the money.
Bob Gorman June 24, 2014 at 10:19 PM
I don't understand how Council can award this contract without bidding it first. Why did the Town Manager recommend this contract a couple of months ago with much higher rates? Transparency is obviously lacking.
Tom June 25, 2014 at 09:06 AM
The library has not opened and the equipment would be under warranty for some period.


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