Council Approves Request to Begin Designs to Move Court Personnel

Ragan Design Group will begin plans to make room for court personnel in the new police department.

Moorestown Mayor Chris Chiacchio (Patch file photo)
Moorestown Mayor Chris Chiacchio (Patch file photo)
Moorestown Council approved a resolution to allow Ragan Design Group to begin design plans that would place court personnel in the new police headquarters at its meeting Monday night at the high school.

The resolution wasn’t listed on the agenda, but Ragan Design Group President Richard Ragan appeared before council to request approval so the court personnel could move in May.

The plan provides space in police headquarters for a judge and two clerks. Bulletproof glass, access to an ATM machine and access to a bathroom are included in the plans. Total cost for the project is about $74,700, including $14,700 for design and about $60,000 for construction.

Business Administrator Scott Carew has spoken of the need for court personnel to be included with the police department for security reasons, adding there is no room in the new town hall for the extra personnel.

“I’d rather be able to take a little more time to analyze the proposal,” Councilman Phil Garwood said.

“We need the plans before we can do anything else,” Carew said, adding that due to the security needs involved, it’s not an ordinary office space and Ragan is qualified to handle the project. “I understand erring on the side of caution, but I don’t see another path.”

Council voted unanimously to add the resolution to the consent agenda, and then passed the resolution unanimously.

Townie April 10, 2014 at 08:11 AM
So by not ready's numbers, we spent just over $200 grand per year for a town function that is about to increase 5X for the next 20 years (assuming $1M per year with interest for 20 years - cut it in half if you want for the library....it's still $6M more over 20). At least our taxes aren't increasing. I just keep waiting for someone to call SC on that one. Maybe one of the mayors next year will care. Can't take down the building, but we could get some capable management.
R. Ponselle April 10, 2014 at 10:26 AM
I love that no one exhibits any shame over the fact that there's no room in the new Twp. building for court personnel. One more thumbing of the nose at the folks footing the bill for these goings-on. I read all of the other comments and thought "We should join forces. These people are out-of-hand and continuing to act inappropriately. Anyone want to take the lead and make some noise at some council meetings?
Bella Pelosi April 10, 2014 at 03:21 PM
does anyone really care if we have a court in the township as opposed to doing the smart thing and sharing services with other towns? If someone wants a court, they should raise the money to pay for it themself
Just pay a little more April 14, 2014 at 05:57 PM
Can anyone explain where the "new" police headquarters are? Or are we spending $60k on some upgrades to our rental property along with a 25% of the construction cost design fee? I still haven't heard a single politician propose a long term plan for police or the courts. Renting is fine if someone actually spent five minutes to review to pros and cons of various options versus worrying about smoking in a park. Liquor money is going fast thanks to bad financial planning and the "no net tax increase" lip service.


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