UPDATED: Dem Council Candidates Challenge Opponents to Debate

Candidates Mark Hines, Greg Newcomer and Brian Sattinger have invited their opponents for Moorestown Township Council to publicly debate the issues.

UPDATE: Mayor John Button was reserved in his response to the Democrats' challenge.

"I will withhold comment at this point," he said Wednesday. "I understand what they're trying to do."

The mayor, who is running as an Independent with Randy Cherkas and Elaine Goralski, said he's "very comfortable that I understand the issues."

Button, , filed as an Independent after he was  earlier this year.

Democratic campaign manager Francine Cartwright said the candidates wanted to get their debate proposition out sooner than later, both to give the other candidates time to respond and prepare—assuming they're interested—and in case a second debate is warranted/wanted.

She said the debate, as envisioned by the Democratic candidates, would invite direct participation from residents.

"We definitely want Moorestown residents to be able to participate and supply questions," she said. "When you're really considering a campaign that is open ... if you're really interested in listening to the community, what other venue do you have?"

No timeline has been set for holding the debate, but Cartwright said, given the summer schedules of many Moorestonians, September may be a realistic target date for a debate.


have fired the first shot in what is almost certain to be an interesting election season, formally challenging their opponents to a debate.

In a release put out by campaign manager Francine Cartwright, the Democratic candidates—Mark Hines, Greg Newcomer and Brian Sattinger—said, “We owe the voters an opportunity to actually see the candidates in person and learn where they stand on important issues facing our town before heading to the polls. We would like a format where the general public can attend, ask questions, and receive direct answers.”

The candidates went on to state, “It is our belief that elected officials work for the voters. Hence, we trust that the other candidates will look forward to an opportunity to share their positions. We hope that the candidates accept our offer.”

The Democrats are members of a crowded field, with three candidates running on the Republican ticket and three candidates running as Independents. Hines, Newcomer and Sattinger drew a hard line in the sand in the release, stating, “Any politician who would refuse to participate in a debate is not worthy of the people’s vote.”

Steve Solomon, campaign manager for the Republican ticket, responded to the Democrats’ invitation via email, writing, “We look forward to a vigorous debate in the fall. In the meanwhile, we will continue to bring our positive message of responsible government, and common sense ideas to the voters. We feel confident that the contrast between our small government approach and the tax and spend policies of the Democratic Party will resonate with our neighbors in November.”

Mayor John Button, , did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

What do you think? Should the candidates hold a debate? Vote in the poll below and tell us in the comments.

Suds July 21, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Hey Leaks, want to share what you are talking about? You really think they are going anywhere?
Hot wings July 22, 2012 at 01:22 PM
Question "there's been a leak" .. Will "they" even follow this "playbook" that your talking about? Why would they care what "they" think, if as you say 'they' were "kicked out of the party". Either you or someone needs to elaborate why those "kicked out " ( as you stated) should still be involved? This is getting confusing. Tell the whole story, rather than coded language. Anyone know what "got a leak" is talking about?
HomeBrew July 22, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Hope for his sake that Mayor Button misses Monday's Council meeting. If he shows up and votes to drain OS fund to pay for a second $1M+ syn-turf field at WBNorth, then he has absolutely no chance for reelection in November. Missing the meeting, and therefore not voting, might represent his best hope for retaining his seat. Then again, he could show up, vote against the resolution, and be a hailed as hero and savior. That always works with voters.
Dienstag August 20, 2012 at 08:22 PM
We don't need debates. We've done just fine without them for the last 10 years.
Ed Nice August 20, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Ok Dienstag who is afraid to debate? Kinda strange that someone who wants to debate like Hines now is quiet on explaining how he was misleading all the OS people about the uses being illegal and trying to get the definition of recreation changed against the state law. Any chance Hines will be at the meeting tonight to apologize to BGT and now J/C who know its all legal. I havent seen anything from the DHreps either so who wants to go first?


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