Diner Owner: Violations Will Be Fixed, Not All Are Legit

The owner of Paula's says the restaurant will be remodeled before site is sold to new owners.


The owner of Paula’s Family Restaurant doesn’t think the township’s scrutiny of the diner is warranted, especially since he said he is working hard to fix up the business.

Ali Dadyan, owner of the center that’s home to Paula’s and Pearle Vision, told Cinnaminson Patch Tuesday he is more than willing to fix up some of the things the township says he’s in violation of, but a few—like the signage—are already in compliance.

“The sign on the building was just deteriorating and it fell, so we threw it out,” Dadyan said. “We put a banner up that says we’re still open.”

Deputy Mayor Anthony Minniti, who serves as the director of economic development, said the tarp sign that’s up now is not approved signage and is in violation of the site plan.

But the original site plan hasn’t been found yet; Minniti said the township is working to “get to the bottom of where it is.”

Until that is done, Minniti said, township committee approved Monday night to move forward with property maintenance violations while site plan approvals are researched.

One of those violations is the lack of Dumpster enclosures.

“I know it should be covered and we are going to do that,” Dadyan said.

It was also brought up Monday there are landscaping and asphalt issues at the site.

“The landscaping is fine,” Dadyan said. “We have fixed a lot of this. The parking lot looks great. The plants look great, [they are] always groomed and trimmed. And who has more interest to have nice asphalt than I do? I run a legitimately great business.”

And Dadyan said he’d even put in sidewalks if the township required them.

However, sidewalks and other items would be required if ownership changed hands; that hasn’t happened. Dadyan still owns Paula’s and has hired new management at the restaurant. But he is paying to remodel the place, he said.

“When it’s all said and done, I may or may not sell it to them (the current managers) or anybody else. It’s still our place. The business is still under our name,” Dadyan said.

Dadyan said he’s submitted some permit approvals already to begin remodeling of the bathrooms inside.

Minniti said this issue is now coming to township committee because Dadyan originally submitted paperwork to change owners.

“When it was explained the new owner had to update the site, suddenly, the new owners were managers and not owners,” Minniti said. “That’s curious and I’m somewhat skeptical. So when that happens, we will fall back on regular code maintenance enforcement.”

Minniti said the enforcement didn’t happen before because Dadyan was given credit since the lot had been for sale for about a year.

“If a site is in status of being sold or changing hands, we will give the business latitude to make that happen and deal with improvement afterward,” Minniti said.

Some issues are “black and white,” Minniti said, but others have to be checked out with site plans.

“It’s a public safety, health and welfare issue,” he said.

Dadyan said he would do what needs to be done.

“I’m not fighting with anyone,” he said. “We’re not confrontational with anybody.”

Random Person November 14, 2012 at 09:19 PM
Cinnaminson is becoming super shady. Fail.
Christina Paciolla November 14, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Patchers, Any comment with false or misleading information will be deleted. If not, they're gone. Any problems? Email me at christina.paciolla@patch.com.
Ric November 15, 2012 at 03:31 AM
Patch’s report about last night’s Community meeting for some reason did not report that Cinnaminson will be forming a DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT that will be headed by Frederick Turek who will also keep his other responsibilities.. This new department is supported by a study from First Jersey Municipal Assistance, a group formed by a bunch of mostly retired New Jersey government employees who are also collecting pensions. Two council members, Young and Rooney oppose the plan because this is already the responsibility of administrator Frank Locantore. I think they are right. I also think Fred Turek is not the man for the job because he is already stretched thin. Right after last year’s Hurricane Ivan Turek pronounce that the Devon Road Bridge was fit but a few months later the bridge was done in by a garbage truck. It bothers me that we are paying a hefty fee to a group of retired government employees to do a study that recommends taking part of one person’s job and giving it to another Cinnaminson employee who is already overburdened with work. And I am sure like any employee taking on more responsibilities Fred will want more money. Our tax and spend republicans do not understand how overtaxed we already are.
Christina Paciolla November 15, 2012 at 03:49 AM
Hey Ric, Actually, Monday's discussion of the department of community development carried over from the last meeting. I previously reported on it and you can read that story here: http://patch.com/A-yxdJ There were many story ideas that came out of Monday's meeting—something more about the department of community development is one of those stories. We obviously couldn't get ALL the news out the day after so stay tuned this week for an updated story on that. Don't worry; we're on it.
Jamie Lyons November 15, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Really? A sign is not up to code? Really? This is what we are concerned about? And just why does a sign bother Mr. Minniti? Come on. I don’t know him personally, but it does seem very suspicious that this is not about a sign, but rather a power trip. Or “I’m more powerful than you” mentality and you didn’t sell your property to someone in my family. I’m sorry but that is all this is. A sign? Really? If our elected officials are concerned about a ‘sign’, we have bigger problems in our town. Why would a deputy mayor belittle himself to be concerned about a sign? Really?


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