Moorestown Council Looks at Repairing Dams, Obtaining Grants

The township may soon see Bronze or Silver Certification from Sustainable Moorestown as well.

Moorestown Council is working to help repair dams that have been damaged during recent storms.

Council recently approved the borrowing of $300,000 to fund work to repair Hooten’s Creek Dam, Lower Hooten’s Creek Dam and Moorestown Dam located at Strawbridge Lake.

The low bid for the project came from Loftus Construction for $338,230. 

On Monday night, council set aside $66,330 from the Moorestown Open Space, Recreation, Farmland and Historic Preservation Trust Fund to cover the difference, including an additional $25,000 in fees.
“We’re not amending the bond ordinance,” Deputy Mayor Stacey Jordan said. “We decided the Open Space Fund was healthy enough to cover the cost and we could pay the $66,000 immediately.”

Other items discussed during Monday night’s meeting included:

·      Through the efforts of Sustainable Moorestown, the township may be able to attain Bronze and possibly Silver Certification from Sustainable Jersey, according to Councilman Greg Newcomer. Last year, the township achieved Bronze Certification, meaning it has implemented significant first steps in a number of categories en route to becoming a fully sustainable town. Towns must show they have reached at least 150 points to be recognized at this level. To reach Silver Certification, a town must reach at least 350 points.

·      Council approved on first reading an ordinance calling for the township to enter into a Road Utility Easement Agreement for the U.S. Navy NAVFAC CSEDS Construction Project and the relocation of four utility poles

·      Council approved the issuance of one new plenary liquor license, the final of six liquor licenses the township is permitted to issue based on population

·      Council will apply for grants for the New Jersey Department of Transportation for the Transportation Alternative Program and the Safe Routes to School Program. Mayor Chris Chiacchio and Councilwoman Victoria Napolitano are also preliminarily exploring the possibility of obtaining grants from the Bridge Commission.

Green Thumb June 29, 2014 at 07:07 PM
I am no shill. I belong to no party or candidate, only ideals. And I do not participate in the election beyond my vote, so I am afraid of no debate as I have no say in what issues are discussed or debated by the politicians. But if Elizabeth espouses the misguided concepts you do in the future on this matter, I can say I will be disappointed and quite concerned. I think, though, that she is much more measured and intelligent than that. For the record, Elizabeth deserves a better spokesperson than you.
Bella Pelosi June 29, 2014 at 09:27 PM
If accurate is misguided then it's a burden I will have to live with. May I suggest you might want to spend some more time learning the law than commenting nonsense on Patch. Ms. Endres' position has been clear. Open Space funds are for acquisition only or maintenance of lands acquired. Of course, I am willing to review any evidence showing where the fund acquired the lakes or better yet is suitable for concrete dam construction. Please post them when you have time. Trunks let's ask Hank and your other MRC aliases at the next meeting. Then you can ask Mayor Jordan about her hypocrisy spending money to cut grass and repair dams on lands not acquired by the fund.
TrueBlue July 06, 2014 at 03:41 PM
Bella, any update on when Ms Endres will blast this action? Looking forward to hearing real Democratic leadership again as we continue to suffer through Newcomers lack of leadership or adherence to progressive values. Thank you.
Bella Pelosi July 06, 2014 at 04:09 PM
It is a good question TrueBlue and your comment about Newcomer is spot on. He is no better than the leaderless Mayors but what can we do. His election was still better than electing the GNP team in its entirety .


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