Resident Happy With New Building

Written by Tom E. Cunningham

I'm glad to see the new building. It is outwardly in line aesthetically with our Colonial architectural heritage.

To the "crooks and nincompoops" who tore down our old high school building and built that ugly library and burnt down town hall I'll see you in h_ ll.

Yes new people we had a school building, several in fact at the corner of Church and Second that would have lasted a thousand years! That building could have housed every Township Department with room to spare!!

It truly was criminal what they did in tearing it down! It had a beautiful auditorium for events and meetings! It's heartbreaking really to think about what they did.

There was plenty of parking and still room for a playground and basketball or tennis courts. There should be a memorial to that building,  the thousands of Moorestown children whose best days were spent there, and the wonderful educators who inspired us somewhere when they tear down that hideous library. 

Tom E. Cunningham III  
5th generation Moorestonian, class of 72


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