Video: Democratic Candidates on Open Space

Find out where the Democratic council candidates stand on the use of the Open Space Trust Fund and whether they support a new referendum.

We've heard a lot from the candidates for town council over the last few months, from their plans for improving the business climate in town, to how they plan to rein in spending.

But much of what we've heard or read has been reduced to sound bites or finely polished press releases. We at Patch wanted to give the candidates the chance to provide more in-depth explanations of their positions on the issues that matter to voters, and to do it through the more candid medium of video. 

Identical offers were made to both the Republican and Democratic candidates to sit down with Moorestown Patch editor Rob Scott for separate video interviews. However, the Republican slate was unable to agree to Patch's terms. 

We asked the Democratic candidates the following questions:

  • How can town council be more transparent and how can the township provide better accessibility to information?
  • How do you propose to use the Open Space Trust Fund going forward? What types of projects would be an acceptable use of the fund?
  • Should the police department be located downtown, i.e. at the new municipal complex, and why is the concept of a town center important?
  • Provide a little more detail on the Main Street manager position. What would be the duties of this person? How would you measure success? How would you sell it to the business community?
  • What are the best uses of the revenue from the sale of liquor licenses?

We'll run one video per day throughout the week, each one covering the candidates' answers to the above questions, in the above order. 

Don't forget to get to the polls next Tuesday, Nov. 6, to cast your ballot. Don't know where to vote? Check out this list of the polling locations around Moorestown.

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sml352 October 30, 2012 at 01:08 PM
Use of the Fund for operating expenses like mowing is also irresponsible. This was a way for that Council to shift funds from the Operating budget where they belong so they could make the big announcement of no tax increases.
Mark Limes October 30, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Going back over the audio isn't that good. The effort was there. We didn't hear any audio issues with the republican candidates forum they had last month. I'm sure in future events the audio will sharpen. Will see you at candlelight night.


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