What to Know for Tonight's Council Meeting

More discussion on the fields project and the (now cheaper) township budget, plus the township's sole reassessment bid may still be on the table after all.

Looking for a sneak preview of tonight’s township council meeting? You’ve come to the right place.

The following is a sampling of what’s on the agenda:

  • Council will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. prior to the regular meeting to discuss the township budget. Township manager Scott Carew said he and financial officer Tom Merchel have managed to knock $349,000 off . The draft of the budget they’ll present to council tonight calls for a $682,000 increase over last year’s levy, which translates to a $95 tax increase for a home assessed at the township average of $529,800. Carew said they were able to reduce the levy by transferring about $165,000 from the housing fund to the general fund and by realizing a $100,000 decrease in health insurance costs, along with some other “small moves” in the budget.
  • Carew said, , nothing was ever received in writing and he’s moving forward as if the company is still on board. ASI was the sole bidder for reassessment, , who had concerns given the headaches caused by the 2007 revaluation—which was also performed by ASI. Mayor John Button said last week ASI had indicated it was taking its bid off the table over the comments, but Carew said Monday the speculation over ASI pulling out was based only on a conversation. “Nothing has been received in writing,” he said. “I’m moving forward as if the proposal is still on the table.” According to the agenda for tonight’s meeting, council is supposed to appropriate $195,080 (the price of ASI’s bid) to finance the reassessment, which Carew said remains .
  • The township was able to get a 30-day extension on the after . Carew said council will dive back into the fields discussion at the regular meeting. “My understanding is the members of council wanted to have a discussion of where we’re going with this year’s budget, as well as future years’ budgets, to determine the affordability of the fields project,” he said.
  • Council is expected to appropriate $445,000 for improvements at , as well as $455,000 to install new lighting at and parks. Council approved the lighting project at their last regular meeting. They’ll also authorize an application for a $250,000 county recreation grant for these park projects.
  • Scott Taylor, of Taylor Design Group, will present  and a parking strategy for the downtown area, which was funded by a $50,000 grant from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. The parking plan covers the parking areas from Chester Avenue to Mill Street and the municipal lot behind and .

Council’s special meeting on the budget begins at 6 p.m., followed by the regular meeting at 7:30. Both meetings will be held in the auditorium.

Ed Nice May 15, 2012 at 03:31 AM
Go figure, Jordan manages to delay getting the whole KIDS project going but again with excuses that make no sense. She agrees to the bonding of 2 of 4 parts but is afraid to pull the trigger on the other 2 because of budget issues and the reassessment issues. She totally ignores the fact that the township managers who we pay to inform council that the the time to do it is now or it could cost more later. She says she is willing to roll that dice. The Town Manager tells them that there are several options that can be used to pay for the project one being the Trust fund. Jorden doesn't want the money to come from there so she isn't willing to consider it as one of the options. The issue is if the sky falls and there are no other options to pay the bonds, council can always turn to the trust fund as a last resort which will not effect the budget because the funds are there now. She does not care about handling the needs of the majority or she would get this done now. There is no reason AT ALL not to bond this work now at the locked in low bids we have. The last resort and fall back should be the trust fund now that we know that if all goes right in the world we can get it all done out of general funds. And if not the trust is always there which still doesn't have to be used each year. The MSOS has no one to blame but Jordan and Ciacco when BGT pay for the rest out of the trust!


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