Send Us Your First Day of School Photos

Upload photos of your kids (or other people's kids) from the first day of school.

It happens every year, to the delight of parents and the horror of children everywhere: the first day of school.

Thursday marked the first day back for students in the Moorestown School District and . Students at (OLGC) started their school year Wednesday.

So we're asking parents, family and friends: Upload your first day of school photos here complete with a caption of the student's name, age and grade. We'll feature a new photo on the front page of Moorestown Patch every hour (as long as you keep sending us pictures). 

Can't figure out how to upload them here? Email photos to rob.scott@patch.com.

Click here to see , as well as the . 

We've also profiled a handful of new instructors, including , , , and .


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