'This Was Kind of Given to Us on a Silver Platter'

In our final Moorestown Friends Senior Snapshot, Karan Hiremath remembers the dedicated Robotics coach who gave up his 40th birthday for the team and says he'll miss "having a second home."

's commencement will be held at 7 p.m. tonight. This year's 72 seniors represent the Quaker-founded school's 226th graduating class.

This is the final part of our series of profiles of Friends School seniors, in which we talked to them about what they've done, where they're going and what they'll miss.


Name: Karan Hiremath

Age: 18

Activities: Robotics (co-captain), Science Olympiad, Business Competition, Tennis, Ethics Bowl, Math Challenge, coached Middle School Math Team

College: University of Pennsylvania

Intended Major: Dual Degree Program called the Jerome Fisher Management and Technology Program. I’ll be doing a four-year economics degree and a four-year engineering degree (computer science) at the same time.

Career Interest: I hope to either work at a financial company, or start my own company. We’ll find a way for me to use those two degrees somehow.

Fondest Memory from MFS: Mine would have to be traveling to Atlanta with the Robotics team as part of the World Championships freshman year. Really what stood out to me was that our coach was actually missing his 40th birthday to be with us. Ditching his family to come stay with 20 teenage kids at a robotics competition is not your idea of a great 40th birthday. That just shows the dedication of the teachers, the dedication the entire school has to helping us achieve our personal success and moving towards fulfilling our dreams however we can.

Most Important Thing You Learned at MFS: There are connections that you can make that will change you for your lifetime. We’ve all been given the opportunity to meet some amazing teachers, amazing students, and learn some amazing things. All of us here have taken that and had to run with it—doing summer courses, staying late after school—that the dedication and hard work helps you.

What You’ll Miss Most: Having kind of a second home where I can go and stay. Sometimes I spend more time here at school than I do at home. Obviously you can create that community anywhere, but this was kind of given to us on a silver platter. It’s very welcoming.

What You’ll Miss Least: It would have to be having too much to do. Every day there’s 20 clubs meeting. The whole week is filled with things to do. Obviously that won’t go away (in college) … It’s kind of exciting at the same time. But it’s kind of relaxing a little bit (to not have all that to do anymore). There’s too much stuff you want to do. It’s kind of difficult decisions you have to make.

Visit Moorestown Patch tomorrow morning for photos and coverage from tonight's commencement ceremony and visit our Senior Snapshots page to read more profiles of Moorestown 2012 graduates.


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