Roof Comes Off Swede's Run Barn

Tait Roofing began phase one of the restoration of the historic structure on Tuesday.

The roof is off the Swede’s Run barn.

Workers from began the removal of the roof Tuesday and by Wednesday afternoon it was gone.

Project volunteer Dave Schill, who will assist with some of the carpentry work to restore the historic structure, said “great care” was demonstrated by Tait employees as they used hand tools to pull out the ancient nails holding the “bones” of the building together.

Tait workers will probably begin installation of the new roof the week after next, according to Tait president Larry Tait.

Schill said due to the degradation of the shingles, the wood components (sheathing and rafters) are so rotted they can’t be saved. Therefore, an entire new roof framework will have to be constructed and installed.

However, while the replacement of the roof is a major step in the restoration of the barn, there’s , including repairs to holes and cracks in the stone walls, new doors, and landscaping around the site, as well as the overall reinforcement of the structure.

Supporters of the project have raised approximately $16,000 to date through . It’s enough to get started, but not enough to finish the project.

“The roof is going to gobble up all the funds we have raised,” Schill said. “We won’t have enough to go forward.”

Tait Roofing, along with a handful of other local professionals and contractors, have offered their services pro bono to the project. The donations will pay for materials and other ancillary costs. 

Project organizers are counting on the continued generosity of the community so they can complete the restoration. Those interested in donating can send their contributions to the , c/o Julie Maravich, 660 Chester Ave., Moorestown, NJ 08057, and mark in the memo line “Swede’s Run barn.”

- Additional reporting by Dave Schill

betsy schnorr March 15, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Thank you Larry Tait and staff for your wonderful contribution in preserving The Swedes Run Barn! I also want to applaud the many people who have given their time, materials and donations in saving this wonderful piece of history. I don't know if our community is aware of the many artists who have painted The Swedes Run Barn. Please continue to support this restoration! Betsy Schnorr
HomeBrew March 17, 2012 at 03:18 PM
Sincere thanks to everyone involved in restoration. A beautiful thing.
fyathyrio March 17, 2012 at 09:29 PM
HomeBrew, were you involved in the restoration?


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