Still Short on Funds, Swede Run Supporters Plow Ahead

Project organizers still plan on making a pitch to Moorestown council for Open Space funds.

Dave Schill, one of the organizers behind the Swede Run Barn restoration, said he's still in the process of drawing up a funding request to pitch to the township.

He said fundraising is , so advocates of the project are planning to ask township council for funding from the Open Space, Recreation, Farmland and Historic Preservation Trust Fund.

But Schill said he's not ready to make that pitch until he has an exact dollar figure to present to council. 

Meanwhile, one of the key contractors, who was to be responsible for building door jambs for the barn, has backed out—"He's just too busy," Schill explained—but fortunately another contractor has already stepped in.

Schill said he'll be building a small loading dock and some steps—due to the slight drop-off from the barn entrance to the floor—and a group of Boy Scouts and their parents will be building new doors for the structure.

, but the project has cost more than $32,000 to date, according to Schill. 

One of the reasons the project went overbudget was because the existing rafters had to be removed and replaced, nearly doubling the cost.

Project organizer Julie Maravich said ideally they'd like the township to match what the Swede Run supporters have raised so far.

"Then, we will have no trouble completing the project,” she said.

—especially since the land the barn sits on (the 129-acre Benner Farm/Swede Run Fields) was purchased, in part, with money from the Trust Fund.

"It's a very appropriate use of the fund," he said. "I think they should put a presentation together and come to us."

In the meantime, the organizers are concentrating on other fundraising ideas, such as a Swedish-themed dinner, aptly suggested given the barn’s name. 

Another possibility is a race: “Since there is a running path surrounding that area, we could do a race or fun walk,” Maravich said.

If you'd like to make a donation, make your check out to  with “barn restoration” on the memo line. Donations should be mailed to Julie Maravich, 660 Chester Ave., Moorestown, NJ 08057.

Green stash August 09, 2012 at 12:22 PM
So if the judge says that our open space monies can only be used for lands acquired for open space and maintainence of thereof, then dies that include this barn too ? The swedes run barn is not "land" nor would it be maintaining that "land". Is this a gray area?
Bill August 09, 2012 at 02:06 PM
The Swedes Run Barn would be considered Historic Property. The Interpretive Statement clearly includes preservation of it. I think it would be pretty funny if STEM wins. Then the judge makes them return all the money used for the work at Strawbridge Lake. Not only have they used the fund money to maintain the park grounds, they also used it to repair the dams. Clearly against thier own recommended uses. "Baron argued the use of the term “such lands” restricts the township to using the fund to maintain/improve land purchased with the fund, which Wesley Bishop was not." And neither was Strawbridge Lake Park "In the meantime, council has to decide whether to move forward with the Wesley Bishop North project, knowing the court could ultimately rule against the township, which would leave them on the hook for the Trust Fund money. Bookbinder warned Coleman of such a possibility." If they win maybe I'll start a lawsuit and force the township to refund every dollar spent on on lands/property not orginally purchased with open space funds. Then again I shouldn't have to. Mark Hines himself didn't want the money spent on Strawbridge to begin with. So maybe he can explain to voters how the money used will be replaced. This during the debate to use funds on the dams. "Mark Hines, co-founder of Moorestown Save Our Space (SOS), told council that most voters want this fund used only for the acquisition of open space,"
Green stash August 09, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Isn't he a candidate? What's his stance?
Our Town August 10, 2012 at 06:03 PM
This article doesn't really spell it out, but a current Courier Post article puts cost estimates at $160K. Are we insane with these costs? a quarter million for Zelley park that is already falling apart and now $160K for what? To "fix" a dilapidated structure, by modernizing it to the point of removing any last shred of appeal that prompted some misguided folks to want to save it in the first place? Some complain about a lost art subject or loss of a picturesque background for wedding photographs and you know what, they're right. There is a reason you never see anyone setting up an easel and canvas in the middle of Laurel Creek or posing for wedding photographs in front of the *gasp* picturesque homes of Moorestown Hunt. Well meaning Moorestonians need a little lesson in historic preservation and cladding barely standing stone walls with all manners of the latest techno building products ain't it, donated or not.


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