Jack Houser
Jack Houser has spent the past 14-and-change years as a graphic designer and writer, and is now leaning heavily towards the latter. In addition to his Patch contributions, he's had a couple short stories published, is working on selling his first full-length urban fantasy novel, just finished co-writing the first of a series of game books with his wife, and contributes football and hockey articles to NetDugout.com. Weird guy. Sometimes he can be spotted running around the Philadelphia area dressed as any number of odd characters, spouting off random things like, "Don't trust the pudding, you know," or "The bees! The bees are in my hair!"
Loathes: show tunes, people who hold him up in line, the Dallas Cowboys and driving in New Jersey (due to the complete lack of sanity in its engineering). Loves: Pepsi Max, women who know how to handle weapons, 80's music, the smell of victory, and having a lark writing online bios. He currently lives in Media (much to their chagrin) with a well-read lady pirate, an underage mad scientist, two escaped lab cats and an imaginary friend named Simon.
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